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NYU - The LATEST - 1:31AM

The tension inside the occupied NYU building has spilled out onto the streets in the form of literal street combat - cops have rolled in en masse at around 1:15AM (the deadline NYU Admin set for everyone to leave was 1AM). It's now 1:30AM, so far there's only been one arrest (of a student trying to climb a streetsign) - but apparently there's been copious amounts of teargas used. The street and intersection are so full of people, the cop cars can't get anywhere close. Between the rest of the students on the street and the cop lines are apparently a group acting in black bloc formation to halt any police advances.

I've been told now the cops are bringing in their horses, and large police trucks are on the scene. The students are still in negotiations with NYU, and there has yet to be an attempt to raid the occupied third floor of the building. Occupants can see the unfolding events on the street from the third floor balcony, and are communicating via megaphone.

NYULocal has a liveblog going on with photos: