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NYU - The LATEST - 1:31AM

The tension inside the occupied NYU building has spilled out onto the streets in the form of literal street combat - cops have rolled in en masse at around 1:15AM (the deadline NYU Admin set for everyone to leave was 1AM). It's now 1:30AM, so far there's only been one arrest (of a student trying to climb a streetsign) - but apparently there's been copious amounts of teargas used. The street and intersection are so full of people, the cop cars can't get anywhere close.

NYU Administration refuses to negotiate, threatens expulsion

This is Jasper Conner's first post on For Student Power - thanks for writing, Jasper! - Patrick 

NYU Refuses to Negotiate with Student Occupation!

NYU’s administration refuses any face-to-face contact with student occupation, drawing out Take Back NYU!’s occupation, currently making national news.


The occupation, which began at 10pm on Feb. 18th with the seizure of the 3rd floor of the Kimmel Center has made news across the country and received declarations of support from universities across the world.

NYU’s Administration refuses to allow the students of the occupation a place at negotiations, instead relying on threats and intransigence to try to end Take Back NYU!’s campaign.

The NYU administration has threatened students with arrest late tonight, they need your support NOW! Click the link below and after you call and e-mail the administration, send the link to your friends!

You can also sign the online petition!

 Below is a recent press release from Take Back NYU! detailing the administration’s refusal to negotiate and their intention to maintain the Occupation.

35 More Students Join NYU Occupation Despite Police Violence - Midnight RALLY planned!

The Occupation of NYU for a more affordable, democratic, and socially responsible university has been going on for nearly 24 hours.

The administration of NYU still refuses to negotiate with the students of Take Back NYU! and has made multiple threats to students, including calling parents to threaten expulsion and promising arrests at 1 am in the morning.

I just got word from Drew SDSer Christa H. that about 35 students just rushed inside to join the Occupation. According to Christa, the police assaulted students Occupying the Kimmel Center and those making their way inside. She said that they hit many students and ripped shirts off of others. She ended the conversation by saying she had to go help others block the doors. According to Alex Lotorto, a member of Muhlenberg SDS, there are nearly 75 students inside the occupation at the moment!

Students have been making their way to NYU from across the city and from as far away as DC to support the amazing work that Take Back NYU! has done in the two years of their campaign leading up to this occupation. Support is still needed, anyone who can make it to NYU should head their immediately as support from the street is greatly needed.

Take Back NYU! is planning to hold a midnight Rally, which will take place right before the administration promised to give the order to arrest.

If you’re not close enough to travel you can still support the cause by letting everyone know about this bold action that NYU students are taking and by calling the NYU administration to demand that they NEGOTIATE with students rather than THREATEN AND BEAT them.

Support Take Back NYU!

Sign the Petition

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"We're not giving them shit!" NYU Negotiations are STARTING

NYU Administration has agreed to begin negotiations with the occupying students. They originally wanted some kind of concession from the students in exchange for negotiations. In the words of Farah, who was at the megaphone, "We're not giving them shit! We are strong and we are united!"

If that's what negotiations have in store, then the students should be in for a productive night.

CLICK HERE for a live streaming video from the occupation.

NYU Occupation!




At approximately 10pm tonight (Feb. 18), students of Take Back NYU! took over the Kimmel Marketplace. They have blockaded the doors and declared an occupation! They presented their demands to the NYU administration. They read as follows:


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