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What we can learn from Missouri students' epic win

One could argue that Tim Wolfe's brief presidency at the University of Missouri lived — and died — by the football team.

Tuition-backing Cooper Union trustees resign, act like sore losers [HUGE UPDATE]


Last night, we learned that five trustees of the Cooper Union suddenly resigned from the board, including the board's recent chairman Mark Epstein. While all five supported Cooper Union's disastrous decision to start charging tuition, Epstein was its head architect and cheerleader. This is an unambiguous victory for anti-tuition organizers and activists, and a victory for the future of Cooper Union.

Trustees: a Legion of Doom on every campus

Boards of Trustees (or Regents, Visitors, etc.) are as old as American colleges themselves. The University of Virginia's initial Board of Visitors included two Presidents —Thomas Jefferson and James Madison — and a host of local and national politicians. Compared with UVa's all-white all-male board in 1819, the past two centuries haven't done much to improve diversity. Across the country, more than 2/3 of all trustees are men, and more than 3/4 are white.

UC on strike! Here's why, and how you can help

Student workers at three UC campuses are striking today, and six more will strike on Thursday. 

5 lessons for student organizers from the UAW failure

Last Friday, workers at Volkswagen's factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee voted 712 to 626 against unionizing with the United Automobile Workers. There are more than a thousand unionization votes in the U.S. every year, so what made this vote particularly important?

This vote was probably 2014's most important union election for several reasons.

Surprise! Harvard economist gets everything wrong about unpaid internships

Edward Glaeser, an economics professor at Harvard, recently penned a defense of the unpaid internship. There's so much wrong going on in this op-ed that I'm going to blockquote extensively, but please read the piece in its entirety first. After mentioning the closure Conde Nast's internship program, which was threatened by lawsuits from former interns, Glaeser lays out the case for working for free.

Make $38k Using this One Weird Trick: Pepper Spray Students

Former UC Davis cop John Pike, made infamous when cameras captured him casually pepper spraying dozens of peaceful protesters, is now receiving a big pay day from the university:

The campus police officer shown in a viral video pepper-spraying Occupy UC Davis protesters will receive workers’ compensation totaling $38,059.

Obama's Whack-a-Mole Approach to Higher Ed

Yesterday, in the middle of a packed auditorium at SUNY's Binghamton University, President Obama laid out a number of proposals aimed at reforming the U.S. system of higher education.

NSPC Reportback: Our Struggles! Our Fight!

The 2nd Annual National Student Power Convergence was held in Madison, Wisconsin. We're inviting all NSPC participants to write their recaps, lessons learned, and critiques of the event — send a tweet to @forstudentpower if you'd like yours posted here!

Below is a reportback (+ photos) from Sara Fitouri, Denver-based organizer with COSPA, the Colorado Student Power Alliance.


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