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Québec's Student Strike: La Lutte Continue, but What Lessons Can We Learn?

Hundreds of thousands of students march in Montréal on May 22. Photo courtesy fatseth via Flickr.

Striking university students in Québec are well into their 15th week of continuous protests. Their strike, which began primarily in opposition to student debt and the proposed 75% tuition hike, has since expanded to encompass wider critiques of both the university system itself and larger issues of austerity and neoliberal economic reform.

Quebec Student Unions: History, Structure, and Strategy

Simon Gosselin, François Carbonneau, Richard Huot & Caroline Bourbonnais came to the Students for a Democratic Society 2009 Northeast Convention to speak about radical student unionism in Québéc.

Hundreds of Students Strike in Québec

Students in Québec are again mobilizing around rising tuition fees. In particular, organization has been intense at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). UQAM, a public university in the heart of Montréal founded in 1968, is itself the result of past student militancy around accessibility issues for working-class Montréalers. UQAM's radical pedigree has not been lost on current students.
From CBC:

A Week of Student Strikes

Strike!This week will see students in France, Canada, and even here in the United States (gasp!) go on strike. The student union model is probably our best hope for organizing the campus around student power.


Courtesy LibCom:

News Roundup: 10/10/07

Iranian Students Protest President Ahmadinejad

The strongest base of Iran's 1979 Revolution against the Shah was the university campus; once again students are agitating against a brutally authoritarian government — in the face of extreme risk. AP:

Learn About Student Unionism - First Hand!

I'm pleased to report that the Democratizing Education Network (DEN) is holding a retreat on student unionism this October 19-22 in Montréal, Québec. Canada has a vibrant student union movement (expecially compared to its nonexistent counterpart here in the states), and it looks like the workshops will be taking place during a strike!

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