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UPDATE: Police attempting to break occupation

12:05 PM - Apparently Bob Kerrey made an appearance a few hours ago, and after he left the NYPD started coming in and attempting to pull out students at random. Things are a bit hectic, so I'm waiting on a call for more information, along with how the press conference went. The occupants' blog:

Mr. Kerrey has retreated into the Swayduck and now the NYPD has begun to indiscriminately grab people and drag them out of the university. They have been using unnecessary force!

12:17 PM - Several students have been arrested; reporters from Democracy Now! and the NYT are on the scene.

1:58 PM - Cafeteria workers, who are unionized, are honoring the picket and refuse to cross the barricades!

4:18 PM - Just got word that there will be a rally tonight at 10 PM in front of the building, on 5th Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. 10 PM is the usual closing time for the building, so things could get interesting - the students need YOUR help! Bring supplies - food, poster-making supplies, cell phone chargers, etc.