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University of California

UC on strike! Here's why, and how you can help

Student workers at three UC campuses are striking today, and six more will strike on Thursday. 

Janet Napolitano: a militarized president for a militarized university

The Department of Homeland Security is a cabinet-level department with a budget in the tens of billions of dollars, and fills the role of the Defense Department's domestic counterpart: while DoD sends tanks and guns to Baghdad, Kabul, Tel Aviv, and Seoul, DHS sends tanks and guns to Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

UCLA Student Workers Fight for Unionization

According to The Daily Bruin, UCLA student workers are staging demonstrations to force the UCLA administration to recognize their union rights. The students cite that they do the same kind of work that other employees do, but without the benefits or job protection that the unionized school workers get.

Specifically, the students are employees of "Associated Students UCLA," a non-profit that operates places like cafeterias, book & gift shops, and also covers licensing of official UCLA merchandise.

Students Disrupt UC Regents Meeting Over Nuke Plans

BREAKING: This morning, as the University of California Board of Regents assembled to meet, dozens of student activists stood up in the meeting hall to protest UC's participation in nuclear weapons development and testing. The police were called and ordered the students out, and most students complied. Shouting "UC, nuclear free," the remaining protesters had to be physically dragged from the hall by police. Among the protesters were several of the hunger strikers FSP reported on previously.

UC Students Hunger Strike Against Nukes

Starting May 9th, students will begin hunger striking against the planned construction of a new Hydrogen Bomb -- which would be the first new nuclear bomb built since the end of the Cold War -- using University of California researchers and resources. In fact, the UC system has had a hand in the production of every nuclear bomb the U.S.

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