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Support the Millbank Demonstrators - from the comfort of your own home!

The Telegraph is now asking for people to send in e-mails identifying student rioters at Millbank. The Social War Protetection Agency says 'hella fuck that'. We are asking anyone with free time to send an email, or ten emails, or hundreds of emails, or thousands of emails to studentriots@telegraph.co.uk with the name of your favorite imaginary persons. Keep homies out of jail. Jam! Jam! Jam!

I got this message forwarded to me via email. We all have at least one email account, and I'd wager most of us have quite a few! Now's the time to use them! A few tips:

Still Forgotten?

The plight of American Indian communities, to average Americans, is usually either relegated to some distant past or outright ignored. If you're educated, maybe you'll remember reading about the Trail of Tears, or Wounded Knee (probably not Pine Ridge though).

Chilean students and teachers stike against LGE [UPDATED]

The Chilean student movement, which recently has been no stranger to fighting the government (and winning), has over the past month been organizing and demonstrating against the proposed General Education Law (LGE), a sweeping piece of legislation that will fundamentally change the way education is structured in Chile.

Students Walk Out in Solidarity with Striking Teachers

In the town of Garfield, NJ, where teachers have been working without a contract for months now, hundreds of teachers called in sick to work on the same day, effectively taking part in a wildcat strike. The Record:

Hundreds of students stormed out of Garfield High School Friday chanting, cheering and holding signs in support of their teachers, who have been working without a contract since the end of the last school year.

The brief rally, triggered by a fire alarm around 9 a.m., came a day after 350 teachers called out sick in an apparent protest over the contract negotiations. The district closed schools Thursday.

Students held signs that read, "No Contracts! No Teachers! No Students!" and "Settle Contracts."

"They don’t have any contracts, that's crazy," said one student, standing on Outwater Lane outside the high school.

The fates of students and educators are inextricably linked, and when they act in solidarity with each other against a common threat, wonderful things can happen.

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