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Right wing takeover at Dartmouth?

Dartmouth College: Right Wing takeover?Daily Kos had a post yesterday describing an unsettling move by folks on the far-right to reassert themselves on a campus only now starting to recover from its history as a right-wing institution. The jist:

Bill to Protect TA Unionization Introduced in Congress

TA Rights Now!Yesterday, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. George Miller introduced the "Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act." This bill would amend the National Labor Relations Act to explicitly include Teaching and Research Assistants at private universities and colleges. From the press release:

In fact, the classroom is a workplace for these scholars. It’s where they earn the money they need to pay to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads. They deserve the right to stand together and make their voice heard in their workplace. Like other employees, they should have the right to join a union and improve their working conditions. Obviously, better wages and working conditions for them also means better education for their students.

An NLRB That Needs Fixin'

The National Labor Relations Board was set up in 1935 to handle disputes between employees, unions, and management. After the 1947 passage of the Taft-Hartley Act (one of the most odious pieces of anti-labor legislation in this country's history) the NLRB has trended consistently more pro-management (to greater or lesser degrees) ever since.

No Education, No Life! The Baltimore Algebra Project Takes Its Fight to Annapolis

Members and supporters of the Baltimore Algebra Project in AnnapolisThe Baltimore Algebra Project is a student-led inter-school coalition of inner city youths in Baltimore, MD. Originally formed as a study group to help students learn after school, it has grown into an activist organization fighting for the right to a good education in inner-cities.

The Dems Get it Wrong on ROTC (w/video)

I expect something like this from the GOP crowd, but from all three top-tier Dems?

From last night's Democratic debate, as reported by The Hill:

Student Power in Burma

Click here to watch the video

Almost twenty years after Burma's last great pro-democracy movement was crushed in a hailstorm of bullets and blood that killed thousands and jailed thousands more, ordinary people have once again taken to the streets<

Bangladesh: Student Revolt Sparks Larger Rebellion

On Monday, August 20, Bangladesh soldiers stationed on-campus assaulted Dhaka University students attending a football game.

Israeli Students and the Specter of Shochat: How Does a 70% Tuition Hike Sound?

As we reported previously, students have been locked in a pitched campaign over the future of higher education in Israel. A government committee created to consider educational reform, named after the committee's head, Avraham Shochat (a twice-former Finance Minister), was widely expected to recommend dramatically raising tuition and cutting government funding.

Blast from the Past: Howard University's History of Student Power

And you thought the jerk blasting Creed at 3AM next door was bad...

How about trying to study while gun battles rage on the streets outside? The IHT has a great article describing what it's like for Palestinian students during exam time. This article is especially timely, on the heels of a sizable pro-Palestine march on Washington, D.C., yesterday.


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